Kimberly with client for testimonial image
When my husband and I dialed-in to your free consultation phone call I was at the lowest point in my adult life. Energy was non-existent for me at that time, and even though I knew intellectually that change is always possible I had come to a place of believing *my body* was unable to change. I would be so exhausted after taking a shower that I was truly afraid I might fall every time I stepped out of the shower– this is the level of exhaustion in which I was living my days. **When you asked me where I thought I would be five years from now if I changed nothing I was sobered as I envisioned myself possibly no longer able to walk or leave the house.

I had been utilizing a popular health supplement program– off and on– for a year and a half with no real improvement in energy. Sometimes the bloating I lived with daily would go away, but it always came back. I needed to do something DIFFERENT– to make a drastic change. Investing in your program was an act of drawing a line in the sand for me. I chose to focus on my health as if my mobility depended on it.

I wanted to feel good again; I wanted to feel energy flowing through my body and mind again.~ I wanted to address and change the disappearing hope for true health and wellness in a Real way. I wanted to be able to eat salads again without extreme stomach issues which I had blamed on the removal of my gall bladder more than a decade ago!

When I first started implementing the changes to the way I ate I felt too tired to physically do it, and I wondered if it would really make a difference anyway. I had been eating vegetables every day already. I would sit at my dining room table with cutting boards and washed and dried vegetables and my kindle open to watch videos on how to prepare cauliflower in different ways. It was physically tiring at first and took a few weeks to find more than a handful of recipes I enjoyed as much as previous comfort foods. I definitely had to work, at first, to change my attitude from one of disliking change to one of embracing a new culinary adventure.

There came a point a few weeks after starting the customized, anti-inflammatory diet (along with a couple of great supplements which I had never heard of) that salads became a normal part of my life again. I had been craving them for years– the house Zalad from Zaxby’s is my favorite fast food meal— but when I indulged my body would punish me for a day or two which made NO sense to me but was simply how it was for me. I’ve had this problem since my gallbladder was removed in 2009. 

The fact that you Had Been There– that you had lived in a place of No Energy– and had Overcome It— was what made the difference for me. That I knew you had also known what the disappearing hope feels like bonded us on that very first phone call. When you said you felt confident you could help me I had a new hope– or at that time at least a hopeful feeling that maybe hope would be in my near-future.

Today I awoke with energy. I did not dread getting out of bed. I did not drag myself up to start the day. I read Psalm 99 and stretched and took my morning supplements then started into my day. My body does not ache as it used to either! I have naturally lost more than 20 pounds as a byproduct of the detoxification my body has been doing so well for months now. A few headaches are pretty much the only negative side effects that I’ve experienced during this reset as well. Though things did get a bit overwhelming for a week or two during the Candida cleanse– you walked me through that, and I would do it all again. It is beyond worth it! 
Twice in recent weeks, I have gotten to babysit my little nieces and left their house energized instead of depleted. And on a recent beach trip I went to the beach three of the six days– something I would not have had the energy for in years.

 I have not experienced bloating or IBS symptoms in months, even on my worst cycle days. I can walk so much more easily now and the pain I used to experience in my feet is no more, as well. I no longer am afraid of falling when I step out of a wet shower. I shower almost every day again without being tired! This is something I took for granted until I lost it of course! The benefits are too many to list…. but my therapist has commented more than once this summer on the absence of brain fog that used to periodically invade our sessions. She even asked for the name of my holistic practitioner so she could share it with another client of hers.

 If you are considering working with Kimberly I say *Do it! Start asap and watch your life come back to life around you as you make progress not perfection* as Kimberly sometimes tells me. She has a way of fully engaging that makes you feel heard and strong, encouraged and capable of making the changes one by one – as they are custom-planned for you and laid out in outlined protocols – and then of doing even the harder things you once would never have even considered for your own future.”
Tiffany C.
Kimberly delivered even more than expected! I thought we were just having a 90 min call with a resource or two but you went above and beyond to provide every document and resource and checklist we needed to be successful in our goal of evaluating our future home for mold and it was so so helpful. We’ve already used several of them. 
I felt that the value of this consult was 100% worth the cost. It was very practical help that we implemented immediately and it helped us evaluate and find our dream home! 

My 90 minute 1:1 consult with Kimberly was above and beyond excellent! I wouldn’t expect anything less from you – you’re a true professional ☺ 

I felt very prepared and empowered after my consultation with Kimberly.  I will be recommending her to anyone I know going into the home buying process who has concerns about mold, to any practitioner who needs help w/a client w/mold issues, and even to relators who may want training or to send referrals.
Kristin T.
“As someone who has been sick since I was 8-years-old and has acquired over 28 official diagnoses from medical doctors, I have seen my fair share of doctors, specialists, functional medicine practitioners, nutritional counselors, naturopaths, and coaches in my lifetime. During this time, I would always start to see some progress and then that progress would flat line and we could not understand why my body was refusing to heal. Within only 4 months of working with Kimberly, we uncovered more information during that time than my other practitioners have in at least 5-6 years of testing and research. Not only that, but Kimberly used those test results to tailor a supplement and lifestyle program just for me which allowed me to start seeing results in a very short period of time.

Upon seeing my test results, listening to the analysis and recommendations made by Kimberly, and realizing that all of my conditions and problems were fixable, I realized that I had definitely made the right choice by not only trying functional medicine again but by hiring Kimberly as the person to perform the job. My case has always been a challenging one, and I knew deep down that functional medicine could find the answers I was looking for but was confused on how to get there. Kimberly not only made it easy to understand but also helped me to believe that healing, even after being sick for so long, was possible.

I believe that I started to see results faster because Kimberly listened to me, explained every step in my plan as well as why every step was important, and truly cared about my overall well-being. She also made it okay to make mistakes and get off track at times and helped me learn to give myself grace when dealing with so much. She used the test results I already had coupled with additional test results that we received to create a very individualized plan of action that truly made sense to me. She also was dedicated to working on certain problems and conditions one step at a time and not all at once which was really important to me. She kept my financial budget in mind and tried to recommend products and solutions that met those terms. She truly made it possible for me to heal even under both financial and time constraints.I have more energy now than I’ve probably had in the last 5-6 years combined. I feel like I can actually do certain activities again, especially with my son, without feeling winded and like I needed to take the next 3 days to rest and nap. I was able to go on full day trips without energy crashes and have actually been able to enjoy physical activity and exercise again. My mind has been clearer, my sleep more consistent, and my chronic pain has lessened.

Kimberly was absolutely worth the investment! Through all the treatments, injections, therapies, medications, and other recommendations I’ve endured, this is the most progress I have ever made.”
Tina M.
“After several years of poor nutrition and stressful life circumstances, my daughter had lost an extreme amount of weight and was dealing with daily abdominal pain and nausea. 

We knew we needed someone who would look holistically at her issues to help her find her way back to good health. We had heard that Kimberly used diagnostic tools (bloodwork, urinalysis, etc.) to get to the roots of problems. We wanted to find out what changes were needed in her diet, and we needed the right supplements to help her get back on her feet. 

We were very hopeful that Kimberly could help! 
My daughter has seen gradual improvement as she has learned to avoid certain foods (sensitivities, etc.) and has been taking supplements carefully chosen for her particular needs. 

Kimberly’s kindness and compassion have been very encouraging to my daughter who has felt very overwhelmed by her condition. Knowing that she is working to discover root causes and to propose solutions gives both of us peace of mind. We feel that our burden is being shared and so made lighter. 

Nine months ago, my daughter was 60 pounds underweight and was too weak to prepare her own food or do normal daily activities. Now she is a healthy weight and is able to prepare her own food and to take long walks with her dog. At this rate, she expects to see continued improvement in her overall energy and health and to be able to return to the workforce in the near future. 

My daughter’s health was at a crisis point and we knew it was important to help her find answers for her issues. I think it would be a really great thing to pursue working with Kimberly. She is kind and caring and I believe she could help you!”


“Hi Kimberly,  At last, we have obtained Laura’s lab results, including the CBC with Differential! When you’ve had time to analyze the data, we’ll schedule another coaching call to talk about the findings. To catch you up, Laura has been working full-time since July 5. She is doing really well! She doesn’t seem to have any food sensitivities at all and I would say she has returned to full health. She may even be healthier than she has ever been. She has taken herself off of most of the supplements she was taking, and we’ll be interested in hearing what you recommend now.”
Melissa S.
“I have a history of complex mold illness and felt very unsure how to purchase a mold-free home to protect my health. My consultation with Kimberly was so helpful! She understood what I was going through with mold from personal experience (whereas most people think I’m crazy). She provided such practical insight and tools to help me feel confident in finding a mold free, healthy home!

Kimberly delivered above and beyond what was promised! She provided such practical insight and tools to help me feel confident in finding a mold free, healthy home! 

Working with Kimberly is worth every penny. The insight she provides is from years of personal experience and professional education in the mold and chronic illness space that would take thousands to learn otherwise.”
Pamela M.
“I wanted to share a little encouraging news. I have been able to memorize my credit card numbers, expiration and code on the back. Have never been able to do that.  I don’t have to run pull out my wallet anymore. The next thing I’m going to work on is my bank account number. I know it’s small, but it was huge for me!”
Sharon W.
Tina M’s Personal Health Update: 6/19/20
Alrighty, friends. I haven’t done a health update in a while. I have to admit that I didn’t keep up with too much during the main part of our pandemic so not too much has changed there.

However, one thing that I did keep up with (for the most part) was meeting bi-weekly with Kimberly, my functional health practitioner. Even though I haven’t been entirely consistent with my regiment there, I have continued moving forward and even after only about 3 months, have already seen some positive results.

If you are new to my journey, I am currently dealing with multiple autoimmune diseases, mold toxicity from at least 4 different types of mold, candida overgrowth, a c. diff.-type infection, problems with estrogen dominance, problems with adrenal fatigue, and problems with systematic detox.

In about 3 months of working on these things, we have already seen some positive results. Even though these numbers will probably not mean anything to anyone else, please just notice the sudden decrease among most of these areas:
**Digestive: 42 dropped to 23
**Energy/Sleep: 54 dropped to 27
**Cognitive Function: 110 dropped to 43
**Hair, Skin, and Oral Health: 12 increased to 15
**Body Aches/Pains: 43 dropped to 16
**Woman-Related: 16 dropped to 10
**Other: 92 dropped to 48

Overall, my score here dropped from 369 to 182. Just…wow! In only 3 months!

In addition, I am still incorporating additional protocols and healing opportunities for both my body and mind this summer. I feel like with one step at a time, I just might get somewhere this time! Heck, I already have!”
Tina M.