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Exposing Mold Bundle

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Are you looking for a new home that doesn’t have hidden mold? Or, are you trying to find hidden mold in your existing home? In this bundle, I walk you through the process of doing your own visual inspection with over 30 pages of photos with descriptions of the most common places that mold likes to hide. I also include a printable checklist that you can take with you to any property that you are considering, so that you can pre-screen any potential home before spending thousands of dollars on testing.


About the Exposing Mold Bundle

When I was looking for a mold-safe home, I spent thousands of dollars doing ERMI testing on every home on which I wanted to put an offer. I had no idea that there were some obvious signs that I could’ve easily seen with my own eyes if I’d only known what to look for. Now I know, and I’ve put all of that information in this mold bundle to teach you how to do your own visual inspection, so that you can put in an offer with confidence. This is also a great guide for finding hidden mold in your existing home. The printable checklist makes it really easy to find signs of hidden mold.


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