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Evicting Mold Bundle

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Don’t fall victim to incompetent mold remediators or inspectors. So many professionals are doing it WRONG. I teach you how to address your mold problem the right way and exactly what questions to ask to make sure that you pick the right professionals.

This bundle includes 5 documents:

  • How to Find a Qualified Mold Inspector
  • How To Find A Qualified Mold Remediation Professional
  • Mold Inspector Screening Questionnaire
  • Mold Remediator Screening Questionnaire
  • Steps of Proper Mold Remediation


About My Evicting Mold Bundle

I’ve been through 6 mold remediations between 3 houses, and I can tell you that not every mold professional is doing it right. Your health depends on a competent mold remediation professional and the mold remediation professional is depending on a competent mold inspector. They should NOT be the same person, by the way.

In this bundle, I teach you everything you need to know in order to hire with confidence a remediation professional and inspector. I also teach you the proper steps to remediation and provide the exact questions that you need to ask these professionals before you allow them into your home.


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