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45 Minute 1:1 Lab Review


Frustrated that your labs are normal even though you know there’s something wrong? I can find hidden stressors in your normal lab work. Book this 1:1 consultation with me, and I will show you what’s really going on just under the surface. The numbers don’t lie. They have a story to tell. When we get the real story, then I can design an individualized supplement plan that will get you back on the path to wellness. I will need your lab work at least 48 hours prior to our scheduled consultation.

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Bring me the bloodwork that you’ve already run with your doctor, and I can find the hidden stressors that conventional medicine misses. I can find hidden infections, low-grade anemia, methylation issues, leaky gut and so much more. I will need a CBC (complete blood count) WITH differential, CMP (complete metabolic panel) and any other add on labs that your doctor has run in the last 6 months. You will also receive an individualized supplement plan as part of this consultation. I will need your labwork at least 48 hours prior to our scheduled consultation.


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