Seasonal Cleanse Challenge

A 28 Day Experience that will help you Boost Your Energy, Get Rid Of Belly Bloat, Stabilize Your Mood, Lose Weight AND Support Your Thyroid & Adrenals

Are you tired of feeling sluggish and foggy? 

There’s a good chance that you just need a seasonal reset to flush the crap out of your system.


We live in the most toxic time in history. Over 100,000 synthetic chemicals have been developed since World War II and only 10% of them have ever been tested for safety!

We get them in the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. They accumulate over time and cause us to feel foggy, sick and tired. 

Your body is so wise that it puts them in the place that they will cause the least amount of damage and that’s in your fat cells. So, if you’ve tried EVERYTHING to lose weight and nothing seems to move the scale, then it could be a toxicity issue.

  • Do you feel frustrated because of those stubborn 5 pounds that just won’t come off? 
  • Are you still suffering with a thyroid, adrenal, or leaky gut issue, even though you’ve tried various medications or supplements?
  • Are you fed up with trying different diets and workout routines that don’t get you results?
  • Do you experience belly bloat on a regular basis?
  • Do you rely on caffeine and sugar to get through your day?

Ain’t nobody got time for that …

Let’s turn your body into a lean, mean detoxing machine!!

Here’s what past participants had to say…

“I had no idea what I was getting myself into and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to engage the materials and participate. Not to mention that I lost 8 lbs! That was truly an amazing bonus. I’ve adopted many of the skills we learned during the cleanse, and I’m totally on board for the next one.”

“The cleanse challenge was so easy to participate in. From the point system to the weekly webinars and the support and encouragement on the Facebook forum, I never felt like I didn’t know what to do next or that I was alone in the process. Only a few days into the cleanse challenge I had more energy and a clearer mind. I’ve tried other cleanses and they simply don’t work. This cleanse does work and I look forward to the next seasonal cleanse challenge.”

“This was the first cleanse I’ve ever done. What intrigued me about this cleanse was the fact that I could still eat food! I was nervous about cutting out foods I love for 30 days but it was surprisingly easier than I thought. I have found new (healthier) foods that I love now! I’m also able to make healthier choices every day, especially when eating out. I would recommend this cleanse to friends and family and I will definitely participate in the next one!”

“It was so empowering because it taught me more about what my body needs to flush toxins.  The best part? No deprivation! I look forward to making the cleanse challenge a regular part of my health maintenance.”

“Counting calories and juice cleanses just don’t work. Trust me, I’ve been through more cleanses than I’d like to admit.”

We’ve been sold a bill of goods that just doesn’t hold water. There’s a better way…

What you can expect…

Increased Energy

Better Digestion

Better Sleep

Mental clarity & better mood

Immunity Boost

Increased ability to handle stress

I’m Ready to Start the Cleanse!



A 28 Day Experience that will help you Boost Your Energy, Get Rid Of Belly Bloat, Stabilize Your Mood, Lose Weight AND Support Your Thyroid & Adrenals


Over the course of 28 days, you will…

  • Learn what ratio of proteins, carbs, and fats will optimize your unique biochemistry
  • Incorporate the highest naturally detoxifying foods into your daily routine to promote the body’s natural cleansing systems
  • Focus on minimizing your intake of the top inflammatory and hormone-disrupting foods: gluten, dairy, sugar, soy, and alcohol
  • Advanced detoxification techniques
  • Receive weekly emails with insider tips and workout tips!
  • Tons of resources, recipes and support to ensure your success!
  • Receive weekly webinars to teach you WHY we’re doing what we’re doing

But wait… there’s more!!

I have included some exclusive bonuses just for you!!

  • Private Facebook group for extra support and accountability
  • A fun checklist for motivation and opportunity to win weekly prizes (Hint: These are some of my favorite products!)
  • Optional food sensitivity testing (additional charge)

This Program Is Perfect If You…

  • Want to increase your energy naturally
  • Want to lose weight and keep it off
  • Want to improve digestion
  • Want to support your thyroid, adrenals and leaky gut using food
  • Want to reduce your allergy symptoms
  • Want to protect yourself against cold and flu season
  • Want to look and feel younger by boosting your body’s own production of human growth hormone
  • Want to get rid of aches and pains without taking medication
  • Want to take your health to the next level

This Program Is NOT For You If…

  • You are looking for a miracle weight loss or magic pill
  • Want a quick fix WITHOUT sustainable results
  • Don’t want to improve your health naturally

I’m Ready to Take the Challenge Today!

Some more questions answered for you.

Click through the tabs to show the information.

What is the investment?

I wanted to make this cleanse an easy “Yes”, so I am pricing it at $159.00 to make it affordable to everyone. A small price to pay for a HUGE transformation. 

This is a fraction of the investment to work with me one-on-one, yet you will still have access to me through the private Facebook Group. 

Not on Facebook? No problem. You’ll be receiving emails from me, and you can always hit reply to ask me any questions directly. 

You will learn new habits that you can take with you for the rest of your life, so make sure to take good notes and take immediate action.

How can I get started?

I run this cleanse challenge twice a year in the Spring and Fall. You can join the waitlist to get updates and emails for when the next cleanse challenge will launch.

I’d like to know more about the food sensitivity testing

Food sensitivities can be an underlying cause of fatigue, headaches, brain fog, pain, digestive issues… you name it. 

We know that things like gluten and dairy can cause these things, but did you know that everyone has their own unique sensitivities that can also cause these symptoms? 

I was eating a super clean diet but couldn’t understand why I continued to have fatigue and muscle pain. It wasn’t until I had a food sensitivity test that I learned that spinach, sweet potatoes, and asparagus were causing an inflammatory response in my body. I was able to lower the inflammation in my body by cutting out these foods for a period of time. The good news is that I was able to eventually add them back in with no issues.

The food sensitivity test I like is called the MRT. It tests not just one type of inflammatory response but eight different types of immune responses. It tests for 170 foods and chemicals. I have found that it has made a big difference for me and my clients.

Is it required to do food sensitivity testing?

Absolutely not. This is just an optional bonus that I am offering if you want to really dial in the diet that is best for your unique body.

How much is the food sensitivity test?

The MRT 170 is $335.00. Unfortunately, the best tests usually aren’t covered under insurance. This is crucial information to have, and a test that I DO require of all of my one-on-one clients. I usually run it once a year on myself.

Bring it On! I’m Ready for the Cleanse Challenge!