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    Demystifying Mold Ebook


    If you’ve suffered from chronic health issues for years and tried everything under the sun  yet are still struggling, then mold might be at the root of your issues and blocking your healing. That was my story. It wasn’t until I addressed the hidden mold in my home and body that I started to get better.

    In my Demystifying Mold Ebook you’ll learn what role mold plays in the environment, why it’s making us sick, indoor vs. outdoor mold, how to get rid of mold in your body and home, and much more.


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    Evicting Mold Bundle


    Don’t fall victim to incompetent mold remediators or inspectors. So many professionals are doing it WRONG. I teach you how to address your mold problem the right way and exactly what questions to ask to make sure that you pick the right professionals.

    This bundle includes 5 documents:

    • How to Find a Qualified Mold Inspector
    • How To Find A Qualified Mold Remediation Professional
    • Mold Inspector Screening Questionnaire
    • Mold Remediator Screening Questionnaire
    • Steps of Proper Mold Remediation
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    Exposing Mold Bundle


    Are you looking for a new home that doesn’t have hidden mold? Or, are you trying to find hidden mold in your existing home? In this bundle, I walk you through the process of doing your own visual inspection with over 30 pages of photos with descriptions of the most common places that mold likes to hide. I also include a printable checklist that you can take with you to any property that you are considering, so that you can pre-screen any potential home before spending thousands of dollars on testing.

  • 90 minute 1:1 Mold Consult


    Confused about how to find hidden mold in your current home or a potential new home? Send me photos of your current or future home, and I can show where and what to look for.  I can also give you individualized guidance on anything related to your unique mold situation.

    With this consultation you’ll receive access to my online mold resources: The Demystifying Mold Ebook, Exposing Mold Bundle, and Evicting Mold Bundle